What is it that we do?


What is it that we do?

We are the architects of cash management. Unlike financial journalists, syndicated columnists and Internet financial gurus, with tips and advice on every financial subject, we concentrate our efforts on simple formulas to control spending, reducing debts to zero and no budgets are required. Writers of budget books with hundreds of budget categories leave us dazed and after many failed attempts at budgeting we quit. No wonder! Why pay for credit counseling services that can package a debt repayment plan at a high cost to the debtor, a high monthly fee, frozen credit, and a damaged credit rating that will last for years?

We are the only ones who do what we do!

No other system of household debt management is as simple to use, and yet so effective. Our Debt Free System gives you the flexibility of cash and debit/credit card spending, while still maintaining total control of your cash. You will immediately take control of your debts by manageable debt reducing payments, and by timely reminders of payment due dates.

You may not have complete knowledge of debt management or financial matters, but you can learn to be debt free, save and accumulate wealth, if you concentrate on the basic formulas in our Debt Free System.

The mechanics of Debt Free are not enough. You are guided by the value you place on being debt free. Connect your "value system" to the Debt Free System and a debt free life.

In our workbook you will learn three basic steps to guide you to zero debt, with a real life example of how it's done. By starting with our simple worksheet of your recurring expenses and debts, we make our system easy to use. No budgets are required!

Here are our Three Basic Steps to Zero Debt

Step 1: Your Personal Financial Statement

Prepare our simple no budget worksheet of your recurring expenses and debts; estimate your monthly income and Debt Free will give you a daily picture of your cash flow. Just like a business you have a profit and loss statement built in every month. You don't have to wait months to find out you're going broke.

Step 2: Postitive Cash Flow Formula

Debt Free sets up a Cash Cushion after all expenses and debts have been allocated. The Cash Cushion is for daily-living life-style spending. This PCF formula limits your spending to the amount in Cash Cushion. And no budgets are required!

  • Checking Account Balance
  • Estimated Monthly Income
  • Available Funds
  • Monthly Allocation
  • Cash Cushion

Step 3: Hammer Debts

Hammer debts to zero in half the time by compounding payments. Learn the power of compound interest. If you are on the wrong side of that compound interest, high credit card interest rates, it can take years to pay it off. By accelerating debt payments, you reverse the cycle. Compounding is cutting finance charges as well as debt.

Bill Wagenheim

Bill Wagenheim

The challenge of operating a chain of furniture and appliance stores successfully for thirty years, could never match the struggle it took to find help for my youngest daughter who suffered debilitating depression, in and out of hospitals with few results. Out of desperation, I sold my home with no mortgage, and used the money to place her in a private psychiatric hospital for long-term care: two years of in-patient plus one year of out-patient care.

This experience led me down a road I would never even think of, let alone embrace; Personal debt management: how to manage money when more is going out then coming in.

Such a situation encouraged me into a second career as an instructor of debt management at a community college, a private coaching practice, a consultant for industry's employees using debt management workshops, writer and publisher of a workbook: You can be... Debt Free and this web site in which I feature a blog with posts about managing debt and other observations.